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Three Jacks and a Jill

Date produced: 1956


Frank Kallenberg


"A clever puppet-toon, the making of which was described in a recent Journal. Clever, full of gags, well done." PSA Journal, Nov. 1956, 45.

Tiburón, tiburón [Shark, shark]

Date produced: 1976


Miguel Ángel Quintana


Pequeña historia de náufragos donde una mujer es llevada por sus más ardorosos sentimientos, comprobando los límites del egoísmo del hombre.

Short story about castaways in which a woman is carried away by her most burning feelings, proving the limits of man's selfishness.

Unknown Thing From Unknown Land

Date produced: 1934


Tameyuki Sakamoto


"This was a story by animated drawings. It was of the fairy tale type, but well executed, well handled and convincingly portrayed. Sakamoto deserves special commendation for his patience and for the splendid completion of a very difficult task." American Cinematographer, Feb. 1936, 73.

Walking of Baby Boy

Date produced: 1931


Wagoro Arai

War of the Ants

Date produced: 1966


H. Braig


"War of the Ants is a deft piece of animation against elaborate stage settings and masterful props. No scale tells us how big the ants are, but their movements and actions are superb. The story has a similarity to human warfare in its satirical approach" PSA Journal, Aug. 1967, 36.

Weddings of Mary Jane, The

Date produced: 1968


Charles E. Phillips


"Film is a mostly animated cartoon featuring an animated woman and men. The film backdrop often features life images of an old house in winter. The film begins by showing a few pages from the Dec. 7, 1867 'The Milkspur Beacon' newspaper. The woman is in the middle of getting married when she decides to run away. After going back and forth between at least two men, she gets married again" Archives of Ontario.

Who’s Got the Bucket?

Date produced: 1969


John Guirk


"Who's Got the Bucket? is a color cartoon that is funny enough to win the Humorous Award. This year's 3-minute entry by John Guirk of Brooklyn is so different in its art technique that it could almost be classified as an experimental or an abstract film. It's fast moving and holds audience interest to the very end" PSA Journal, Nov. 1969, 56.

Windmills - My Style

Still from Windmills My style

Date produced: 1982


Valrie Ellis


Animated film of windmills and revolving multi-coloured shapes and patterns, in time to the tune 'Windmills of My Mind' (EAFA)

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