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Tapp pictured in Movie Makers, Nov. 1949, 421.

O. L. Tapp

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League

Utah Cine Arts Club




ACL Ten Best 1948
ACL Ten Best 1950 - Honorable Mention
American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1952 - Top Ten Award Winner
PSA Ten Best 1954 - Honorable Mention
PSA Ten Best 1957
PSA Harris B. Tuttle Trophy 1959
PSA Ten Best 1959 - Honorable Mention


Rainbow Trail (1948)

All In A Day (1951)

I Walked a Crooked Trail (1950)

Land of the Rock Up Over (1954)

Shifting Whispering Sands (1957)

Those Other Years (1959)

Biographical Notes:

Member of the Motion Picture Division since 1954. Won local, regional and international awards. Was chairman of MPD activities at the1963 Denver Regional, and at the time of his death was serving as MPD Mountain Zone Chairman and Program Director for the 1965 PSA International Convention (PSA, Oct. 1964, 52).

Bibliographic Resources:

Obituary in PSA Journal, V.30, No. 10, Oct. 1964. PSA Journal, Nov. 1957, 31. PSA Journal, Nov. 1959, 47.