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Hamilton H. Jones

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League

Buffalo Amateur Cinema Club




ACL Ten Best 1932
ACL Ten Best 1933 - Honorable Mention
Fifth Annual Little Movie Party 1934
ACL Ten Best 1935 - Honorable Mention
The Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award 1937
ACL Ten Best 1937
ACL Ten Best 1947 - General Class


Canadian Capers (1932)

Under the Maple Leaf [1933] (1933)

Under the Maple Leaf [1935] (1935)

Western Holiday (1937)

New England Autumn (1947)

Biographical Notes:

"Hamilton Jones, ACL, of Buffalo, upset the community of New York movie making with the magic of his double turntable sound outfit" Movie Makers, Oct. 1934, 427.

Jones was an innovator in early amateur sound film with his double-turntable music on disc system. He details the system in "Sound it Yourself" (Movie Makers, July 1934, 275, 297).

Winner of the first Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Award in 1937.

Jones' 1950 passing is noted in Movie Makers (Oct. 1950, 388).

Bibliographic Resources:

An extensive biography of Jones is offered in Movie Makers (July 1942, 306-307).