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"A frame enlargement from the Nopco Laboratories film" Movie Makers, April 1933, 138.

Date produced: 1933


Arnold M. Hill

Ralph Wechsler

Production credits:




800 ft





Sound Notes:



ACL Ten Best 1933, Honorable Mention


"An achieved simplicity in presenting a complex idea is the outstanding accomplishment that wins for the National Oil Products Company an honorable mention for its film. This picture presents the necessity for Vitamin "D" in the food of children and gives the highlights of preparing the Nopco product containing this essential food element. This picture, directed by Ralph Wechsler and photographed by Arnold M. Hill, ACL, follows the safely conventional presentation of industrial film messages in its continuity methods, its use of animated diagrams and its description of ultimate consumer usage. Working within this pattern, the makers of the picture have done extraordinarily well whatever they attempted. The continuity flows so smoothly as to be unperceived unless by a critically inclined observer; the animated diagrams are clear, well executed and strictly limited to the bare necessities of making the idea entirely evident; the photography is unexceptionable in nearly one hundred per cent of the film. This product of the joint efforts of an intelligent director, a very capable cinematographer and a fully cooperating industrial concern shows how perfect a practical film may be if real care is devoted to its making." Movie Makers, Dec. 1933, 522-523.


Also known as Vitex Vitamin D.

Discussed in "Practical Films" (Movie Makers, April 1933, 138).

"More than seventy five prints of Vitex Vitamin D, one reel, 16mm. publicity film produced by Arnold M. Hill, ACL, for National Oil Products Company, of Harrison. N. J., are now in constant use throughout the southern part of the United States alone. The present picture, considerably remade and reedited since the first version was produced nearly two years ago, is addressed specifically to the public, or ultimate consumer of Vitex D products. The prints are screened in schools, clubs, before parent and teacher groups and from specially equipped trucks which penetrate to communities that seldom see a movie from one year to the next." Movie Makers, June 1935, 256.


  • Harrison, N.J. (Filming)






  • Screened at an American Medical Association convention in 1935: Atlantic City, N.J.

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