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Date produced: 1932


Sherman A. MacGregory




4000 ft





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ACL Ten Best 1932


"The seven reel industrial film made by Sherman A. MacGregory, ACL, of the construction of a sewage treatment plant was placed among the year's ten best because of its exact and thorough handling of a difficult subject. For more than five months Mr. MacGregory served as construction engineer and cameraman on a job that progressed slowly through many stages. But only by recording in detail all of these stages could he make the film serve its purpose efficiently as an office record — with the result that 4000 feet of 16mm. film were exposed in the process. In the final, carefully edited and titled edition, Mr. MacGregory has achieved and sustained definite interest, even for the layman, in a film subject that threatened monotony at every turn. Unusual and effective camera positions played a large part in this as a complement to the exact production and editing." Movie Makers, Dec. 1932, 560.


"To show the Township of Rochelle Park, N. J., how 118,000 was expended in the construction of a sewage treatment plant and to have a permanent record of the job for his office, Sherman A. MacGregory, ACL, shot more than four thousand feet of 16 mm. film in the completion of an exact and thorough going industrial film. Every important stage in the construction is shown, from the first official breaking of ground to the last turn of a valve as the new plant went into service. A pleasant selection and variation of camera angles, painstaking care and attention to detail in the editing and smoothly phrased and placed titles combine to make this film of definite interest to the layman as well as the engineer. Mr. MacGregory, guiding the job as construction engineer for Joseph L. Sigretto & Sons, the builders, was more than just cameraman and often was compelled to miss a filming opportunity. But his camera went with him every day for five months and getting just the right shot was always in mind." Movie Makers, July 1932, 334.


  • Rochelle Park, N.J. (Filming)




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