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Ernest G. Stillman, Fishing for the Sacred Cod in Maine, 1928. From 16mm, Ernest G. Stillman Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Scan by Joe Gardner.


  • 1289.0007 (Source: oldfilm.org)

Date produced: 1928


Ernest G. Stillman


200 ft





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Northeast Historic Film list of titled amateur works


"Detailed views of fishing, with intertitles. " oldfilm.org


Part of the Ernest G. Stillman Collection held at Northeast Historic Film.
Discussed in Whit Stillman's Reflection, "The Task at Hand: The Films of Ernest Stillman," Martha J. McNamara, and Karan Sheldon, Amateur Movie Making: Aesthetics of the Everyday in New England Film, 1915-1960, 2017.


  • Southwest Harbor, Maine (Filming)

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Ernest G. Stillman Collection, Northeast Historic Film

Viewing Notes:

"Man looks at camera, pulls up two fish, the second one with gaff (stick with hook on the end). From a distance he removes skate by bashing it against side of boat. He unhooks the fish easily with a wrist movement. The containers on his deck are baskets. He walks to the stern, has his line in a coil. "Unloading cod, haddock, and hake". View from above of open boat with canvas over the hold full of fish. "Sorting and weighing the catch". Backlit shot from inside fish house, unloading barrel, two people pitching catch into crates. Slow motion fish flying through air. "Gutting fish on the keelers". "Scare gulls", dead birds hung from lines, moving gently in wind. "Salted fish drying on the flakes", long wooden tables with open salted fish drying in the sun. Several men in overalls tend to drying fish, turning them. "Dried cod fish", and finally "Eating the finished product". Woman at table mashes codfish balls with her fork. "Cod liver oil in the making", Wooden barrels of cod livers, a slurry. Greasy-looking barrel exterior." notes from NHF

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