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Los Angeles 8mm Club


Los Angeles, California

Associated Filmmaker/People:

M. R. Armstrong

Claude W. A. Cadarette

A. B. Callow

Leo Caloia

Randolph B. Clardy

Charles E. Coleman

Barry W. Dance

Fred Evans

Louise M. Fetzner

Alexander Leitch

Dr. F. Robert Loscher

Harold E. Remier

Bion B. Vogel

John E. Walter

Associated Films:

Switch in Time, A (1953)

Nugget, The (1957)

Metropolitan Motion Picture Club of New York


New York City, New York

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Charles J. Carbonaro

Charles Coles

Robert M. Coles

Hermann Danz

Martin E. Drayson

Charles A. Ferrie, Jr.

Robert F. Gowen

Frank E. Gunnell

Joseph J. Harley

Joseph F. Hollywood

Wilbur W. Krimpen

Duncan MacD. Little

Terry Manos

George Merz

George Mesaros

Walter Mills

Sidney Moritz

Russell T. Pansie

Ella Paul

Dr. G. L. Rohdenburg

Edwin Schwarz

Lewis B. Sebring, Jr.

F. Clark Tufaro

George A. Ward

A. M. Zinner

Institute of Amateur Cinematographers of London


London, England

Associated Filmmaker/People:

T. Lawrenson

Associated Films:

Another Happy Day (1936)

Toronto Amateur Movie Club

Alternate Name:

Toronto Movie Club


Toronto, Canada

Associated Filmmaker/People:

J. S. Grassick

Walker Lynch

A. Scott Moorhouse

Narcisse Pelletier

Dr. Charles E. Phillips

John W. Ruddell

Leslie P. Thatcher

Vern Whitnall

R. W. “Ted” Williamson, Jr.

Dr. A. I. Willinsky

Charles Devenish Woodley

Associated Films:

French Without Words (1963)

Tired Traveller, The (1938)

This Side of Paradise (1936)

[Edwards Gardens] (1964)

Highwayman, The (1938)

Picnic (1955)

Danger Men Working (1965)

TV You’ll see in 83’ (1964)

Love in Bond$ (1958)

Toronto’s Royal Day (1939)

Wheels (1965)

Shots and Angles (1956)

Gift from Aunt Emily (1967)

Courriers T.M.C., The (1950)

At First Sight (1960)

Movie Club Visit to West Hill (1952)

Night at the Movies–1912, A (1962)

Vanessa (1971)

Surprise! Surprise! The Woodleys (1950)

Cherry Amateur Movie Society

Alternate Name:

Sakura Kogata Eiga Kyokai of Tokyo


Tokyo, Japan

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Fred C. Ells

Khoji Tsukamoto

Associated Films:

Mount Zao (1935)

Amateur Cinema League

Associated Filmmaker/People:

C. Y. Kimball

Associated Films:

Highway of Tomorrow, or How One Makes Two, The (1930)

Autumn Glory (1946)

Deerslayers, The (1926)

Grunts and Groans: Screen Adaption of the Man on the Flying Trapeze (1933)

Toll of Time, The (1948)

Jim Jam Jems (1933)

Delta Kappa Alpha, Cinema Fraternity

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Ellis M. Yarnell

Los Angeles Cinema Club


Los Angeles, California

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Harold Benner

E. F. G. Chapman

Randolph B. Clardy

Wayne H. Fisher

Dr. Roy E. Gerstenkorn

Stanley Midgley

Guy Nelli

Harold C. Ramser

Dick Reed

W. J. Seeman

Franklin B. Skeele

Herbert F. Sturdy

Harold Lincoln Thompson

Newell W. Tune

Associated Films:

Jeannie (1959)

Rex Malloy (1960)

Once a Gentleman (1966)

Legend of San San Ku, The (1968)

Willow Ball, The (1949)

Xth Olympiad (1932)

Lonely Ones, The (1958)

Fourfold Film Society

Alternate Name:

Fourfold Film Unit


London, England

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Denys Davis

Donald S. James

Associated Films:

Time to Consider (1948)

How to Catch a Burglar (1950)

Minneapolis Cine Club


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Elmer W. Albinson

Dan Billman, Jr.

William S. Block

Earle E. Ibberson

G. L. Larson

Falconer Thomas

Associated Films:

Minnesota State Fair (1948)

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