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Lucky Ducky

Date produced: 1957


Frances Kallenberg

Frank Kallenberg


"Puppets have gained favor and interest among amateur filmers and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kallenberg have done a right smart job with a table full of animals from the forest. The story opens with a monkey in a rocking char, reading his cook book. He turns the page to the recipe for ducks. This stimulates him to seek a duck, the capture of which creates quite an uproar among the animals. In the end, Mr. Monkey becomes aware of the error of his ways. This type of work is tedious and painstaking and these filmers have demonstrated their patience and skill in the movement of the many characters in telling a homey little story." PSA Journal, Nov. 1957, 33.

Sir Christopher Wren

Date produced: 1934


A biographical documentary about the architect Sir Christopher Wren made as if Christopher Wren was discussing his own buildings.

Story of Matsela, The

Date produced: 1949


Lewis Lewis


"Through the eyes and experiences of Matsela, a statuesque native of Basutoland, South Africa, Lewis Lewis reveals a stirring story of the triumph of modern agricultural science over the warring elements of nature. The account of how Matsela and his people all but perish in the dust bowl created by malevolent storms and drought, how he studies under a government program of soil reclamation and triumphantly puts his new training to work, provides an absorbing drama and an enlightening document on one of the world's grave problems. Although dealing with literal facts, Mr. Lewis dramatizes the incidents in his story with telling skill. Superb camera work and an attractive variety of viewpoints aid the dramatic effect, while a fascinating score of native songs further enhances the presentation. Save as a scientific record, the film is somewhat overlong, with the second of three 900 foot reels regrettably slow paced after the swift excitement of the opening chapter." Movie Makers, Dec. 1949, 455.