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William Vance




Film The Hearts of Age was included in Kino's Avant-Garde: Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and '30s


Hearts of Age, The (1934)

Biographical Notes:

"A university student in 1934, William Vance appeared in the 'Summer Festival of Drama' at the Todd School in Woodstock, Illinois, Orson Welles' alma mater. Welles had organized the festival and produced the three plays, 'Trilby', 'Hamlet', and 'Tsar Paul', in all of which Vance performed a principal part. There Vance and Welles shot their short film, 'Hearts of Age', reportedly in a single afternoon, using Vance's 16mm camera. Vance had earlier made his own primitive version of 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' in 1932, in addition to other student efforts. He later went on to produce and direct commercials for television." IMDb.

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