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Dr. Clifford Carl with the Junior Natural History Club at the Provincial Museum, 1949. (BC Archives photo I-00415)

G. Clifford Carl

Dates active:

ca. 1944-1961

Club Affiliation

Victoria Amateur Movie Club




BC Archives list of titled amateur films


Mungo Makes a Mask (1953)

Nature’s Candles—Eulachons (1948)

Nature’s Sea Creatures (1950)

Island Exploration (1955)

Nature’s Submarines (1949)

Nature’s Amphibians (1944)

Pacific Patterns (1961)

Birding in Haidaland (1953)

Nature’s Feathered Folk (1952)

Pelican Parade (1953)

Nature’s Marsh Folk (1949)

Secrets of the Sea (1953)

Fur Seals on the Pribilofs (1948)

Nature’s Mountaineers (1950)

Essence of Life (1955)

Nature’s Outpost—Triangle Island (1949)

Nature’s Reptiles (1952)


Marine biologist; museum curator and director

Biographical Notes:

G. Clifford Carl was director of the British Columbia Provincial Museum from 1942 to 1969.

Bibliographic Resources:

"Carl, George Clifford, 1908-1970." British Columbia Archives.