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Emile Gallet

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League




ACL Ten Best 1937 - Honorable Mention General Class


Ducky ‘n Busty (1937)

Cube et Sphère Animés [Animated Cube and Sphere] (1938)

La Legende de Saint Nicholas [The Legend of St. Nicholas] (1949)

De NY à NY [From NY to NY] (1932)

20 Ans Après [20 Years Later] (1938)

New York (1933)

New York Rockefeller Center (1933)

Le 13 [The 13] (1934)

How to Make a Drawn Figure Walk (1938)


Architect and designer

Biographical Notes:

Émile Henri Gallet was born April 28, 1886, in Paris, France. He was an architect and designer, and later a teacher in an art school. From 1910 to 1934, he worked for Baguès Frères, French experts in artistic iron works, lighting fixtures and bronzes. In 1913, he moved to New York, where Baguès Frères had opened a branch, and became their designer representative. His achievements include a wrought iron banister for the liner Normandie.

He lived in Greenwich Village, where he met his wife, Marie Gaudin, also French, a dressmaker who settled in New York in 1911 to succeed in haute couture. The couple was married in Manhattan March 7, 1921. They had no children.

In parallel to his work as an architect and designer, Émile was an artist and he drew under the pseudonym of Lim’ Telag. In the thirties, Émile became interested in amateur filmmaking: he joined the Amateur Cinema League, purchased state-of-the-art equipment, and, from the thirties to the fifties, he produced several short films on a variety of topics, and two cartoons: Ducky ‘n Busty (one of the 1937 Amateur Cinema League Ten Best) and La légende de Saint Nicolas.

Bibliographic Resources:

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