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Date produced: 1971


Ibrahim Haghighi

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Winner of Bronze in the 5th Cinemaye Azad Film Festival; Silver in the 2nd Young Filmmakers of Asia; 3rd place in Cinema Sepas Festival; Silver NIRT Prize in the 5th ABU Film Festival.


An old man in a dust covered old house sings a song and goes about his day, walking around and cleaning. Sudden loud sounds from outside throw him into a frenzy. Unable to tell whether it’s the sound of war, a celebration, laughter or shouts of agony, he barricades himself in his house and takes refuge in his basement where he continues to sing his song again.


Cinemaye Azad magazine


  • Iran (Filming)

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Cinemaye Azad



Viewing Notes:

The film is based on a poem “My house is Cloudy , خانه‌ام ابری است “ by Nima Youshij. In the poem Youshij writes of his anxieties, about his house, and his world that are covered with troublesome clouds, drowning him in a sense of destruction and sadness. In the middle of this chaos, he notices a Flautist who is only focused on his music and goes on his way without paying attention to the mayhem around him. The old man in the movie seems to be suffering from PTSD from his time participating in the Persian Constitutional Revolution, and his sense of confusion and the chaos that engulfs him when he is triggered with outside sounds is similar to Youshij’s agitation about his world getting covered in destructive clouds, clouds that to other people are just another part of their day to his anxious mind are things to be feared and recoil from and his only way of calming himself is to focus on the flautist and his music, similar to how the old man calms himself with his song.

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