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Winnipeg Cine Club

Year Founded:


Superceded By:

Winnipeg Amateur Movie Makers


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Film Formats:

8mm, 16mm


Moviecraft News

Associated Filmmakers/People:

A. G. Lawrence

Anna J. Doupe

C. H. Goulden

C. H. Richardson

D. L. McArthur

John Phillips

Ron Thompson

Roy Jacobite

Fay Cook

R. S. Evans

Michael Sym


See the article on this site The Long Arc of Amateur Filmmaking in Winnipeg.

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Frequent references thereafter.

Associated Films:

New York and the World’s Fair


Our Town


Movie Diary for 1937, A


Nova Scotia


Where Industry Thrives Amid Beauty


Vacation Memories of 1937




[Winnipeg 75th anniversary celebrations]


Minnie the Model




Road to the Isles


Holiday Cruise


Rhapsody in Color


Pioneer Daze


Gone to the Beach