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Cine Club of Venice

Alternate Name:

Guf di Venezia

Year Founded:



Venice, Italy

Film Formats:

16mm, 35mm




The founded date is the earliest mention of the club.

"to the United States, the League offices were favored by an especial deputation representing amateur filming, particularly in Venice and generally in all of Italy. They were Mr. Dornial and Francesco Pasinetti, both members of the Cine Club of Venice and leaders in an enthusiastic Italian movement for substandard filming. Mr. Pasinetti serves the Venetian club as editor of its attractive monthly magazine, Ventuno, which is devoted to art, literature and the cinema. Working with the club, he has directed on 16mm. film the dramas, Enthusiasm, Sunday and A Living City. His most recent production, however, has been the 35mm. picture, Canal of the Angels, from a scenario by P. M. Pasinetti, which he directed for Venezia Film, with Giulio de Luca in charge of photography. Other technical assistants were Kurt Doubravsky, Gino Gorini, Gino Sanzogno, Renato Viola, Nino Maccarones, Giorgio Simonelli, Gastone Toschi and Aldo Dal Fabro. The film had its premiere at the recent Second International Exposition of Cinematographic Art in Venice" (Moore 525)


Moore, James W. "Amateur Clubs," Movie Makers 9, no. 12 (1934): 525, 543:545

Associated Films:

Apparecchio per ristagno [Stagnation Apparatus]


Ernia inguinale [Inguinal Hernia]


Laringo Fissura


Arriva una petroliera [A Tanker Arrives]


Carbone [Coal]


Foro Mussolini [Mussolini Forum]


Mariarosa parte stanotte [Mariarosa Leaves Tonight]


Risveglio [Awakening]




Cartone animato - Le disavventure della terza compagnia [Cartoon - The Misadventures of the Third Company]


Balilla pescatori [Balilla Fishermen]


Giglio, Il [Lily, The]


Biografia [Biography]


Giorni di festa [Days of Feasting/Holiday]


Mattina d’operazione o Operazioni [Operation Morning, also: Operation]


Novus Ordo


Canale degli angeli, Il [The Canal of the Angels]


Gondole [Gondolas]


Operazione alla milza [Spleen Operation]


Entusiasmo [Enthusiasm]


Laguna [Lagoon]


Operazioni, III [Operations III]