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Grand Rapids Amateur Movie Club

Alternate Name:

Grand Valley Cinema Club

Year Founded:



Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Film Formats:


Associated Filmmakers/People:

Richard “Dick” Baty

Kenneth E. Carrier

John Folkema

Paul Van Haitsma


Website exists for club - http://gramc.club/.

Associated Films:



Magic Anniversary


Honeymoon Is Over, The (Rainey)


Two Paper Cups


Northern Hospitality


Honeymoon Is Over, The


No Butts


Nut Bolts, The


Beginning the End


Honeymoon Is Over, The (Campbell)


Separate Vacations


Hookers, The


Dune Dreams


Artist’s Delight


Late Again


Grand Rapids Amateur Movie Club: Open House November 1, 1961


Hobby Widow


Vanishing Cream


When the Frost Is On the Punkin


Ichthyolatry, or a Piscatorial Dilemma