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Bolton Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA)

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Greater Manchester, UK.

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The founded date is the earliest mention of the club.

"The Bolton Amateur Cine Association concluded the last year with the projection of films taking awards in a recent club competion: Shadows In Limehouse, produced by Apex; The Emperor's Sapphire, produced by the Stockport Amateur Cine Players. A public screening of club productions was held recently and the gate receipts given to the club treasury to aid in meeting the expenses of future work. Incident, from the League Club Film Library, has been sent to the Bolton A. C. A. for projection on an early program. This is the first time that the Library has extended its service to England although two years ago the League presented a print of The Fall Of The House Of Usher to the London A. C. A. for circulation among the British societies. However, this print was a permanent gift while Incident is sent as a temporary loan and marks another step in the development of an international exchange of amateur films. This is made possible only by the League's success in securing modification of the United States customs laws to permit reentry without duty of American made amateur films on domestic stock." (Gale 113-114)

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Frequent references thereafter.

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