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Date produced: 1964


Douglas R. Franklin




format unknown

Sound Notes:



PSA Ten Best 1964, PSA Gold Medal Award 1964


"This is a superb film about the Strategic Air Command and shows us how the SAC is constantly ready to strike and destroy an aggressor anywhere in the world. The purpose of the film, to quote directly from the sound track: "Is to show you the power of the hand (that controls the nuclear bomb release in modern jet bomber) and how it protects those who desire peace and freedom." Specifically, this is the story of the six men who man a B-52 all-jet bomber nicknamed "Ready 11", and how it would carry out an order to strike and obliterate an enemy target anywhere in the world. The B-52 can launch supersonic missiles that are accurate and deadly, and the launching scenes and those showing the missile following its course until it hits its target are as outstanding as any in the film. Most of the photography was taken around Mather Air Force Base near Sacramento, Calif. Dr. Franklin states he spent four years making the film, and it required two years of letter writing to get permission to ride in military plans as civilian to get the footage he wanted. He had to pass a physical examination, become familiar with oxygen equipment, and learn ejection procedures. Classified material presented a problem, also, and it required an additional year and a half to obtain Air Force approval of the footage used in the final film" PSA Journal, Sept. 1964, 50.


  • Mather, CA. (Filming)





  • Tuesday November 16, 1965, for a PSA Ten Best screening presented by the Harrisburg Camera Club (Lebanon Daily News, Nov 11, 1965, 23): Harrisburg, PA
  • Monday, April 19, 1965 for PSA's Ten Best presented by the Cincinnati Movie Club (Cincinnati Enquirer, Apr. 4, 1965, 69): Cincinnati, OH

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