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Yes, Lucy (, 1948)

"After a day of domestic squabbling, an imposing wife and bumbling husband have their furniture appraised. When two men show up as assessors the confusion begins, ultimately giving the husband a chance to prove himself." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Ymir and the Yankee Girl Gold Mine (Lester G. Morrell, 1940)

"The town of Ymir and the nearby Yankee Girl gold mine. [COLOUR:] Mining concentrator building (with aerial tramway) beside the Salmo River. Mine site, high on mountainside; buildings; small electric train of ore cars; dumping tailings on hillside; dumping ore into aerial tramway; tramway buckets descending very steep hillside to concentrator, and emptying into hopper there. B&W: interior shots (some dark): ore on conveyor belt; refining processes [cyanidation and flotation]; etc. COLOUR: bridge across river for ore cars. B&W: interior of assay office; staff with instruments, performing tests, etc. COLOUR: May Day celebrations: baseball game; rock-drilling contest; presentation of prizes; May Queen pageant and crowning; children maypole dancing." (BC Archives)

The extant reel concludes with footage from elsewhere in the Kootenay Lake Region (Kootenay Lake, Nelson and Kettle Falls), which seems unrelated to the Ymir and... title. This item was part of an apparent series assembled by Morrell under the overall title British Columbia Sketches. Since the series title precedes the item title as shown above, this film was described by the BC Archives as British Columbia Sketches : [reel 8].

Watch: Edited excerpt from Ymir and the Yankee Girl Gold Mine

You and Me (Paul Newell , 1970)

"This collaborative student film follows a confused young man throughout his day, as he navigates various environments (church, neighborhood streets, parties, etc), never seeming to fit in. Beatles songs featured prominently throughout." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

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