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Sallie Wagner




New Mexico State Records Center and Archives list of titled amateur films
National Film Preservation Foundation Grant, 2005


Around the Hogan ()

If You Should Visit Wide Ruins… ()

Navajo Seasons ()

Navajo Weaving I ()

Navajo Weaving II ()

Trading Post and Ruins ()

Biographical Notes:

"Beginning in 1938, Ms. Wagner and her then-husband Bill Lippincott took over the Wide Ruins Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation where they lived and worked throughout the World War II years. Ms. Wagner proved to be a skillful amateur filmmaker who documented life on the trading post with her 16mm camera, which she kept ready to go in her saddlebag." Southwestern Archivist, Nov. 2005, 33.

Bibliographic Resources:

The Sallie Wagner Film Collection is held by the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives. These films were preserved with a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Sallie R. Wagner, Wide Ruins: Memories from a Navajo Trading Post, University of New Mexico Press, 1997.