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Rolph Blakstad preparing a cast to mold a life mask for use in Stan Fox's Abelard Before A Mirror, 1949. (photo courtesy Stan Fox)

Rolph Blakstad

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Cinematographer, documentary filmmaker, artist, architect

Biographical Notes:

Contributed to Stan Fox's films Glub (1947) and Abelard Before a Mirror (1949).

"Rolph Blakstad (Vancouver, 1929) developed an extensive career before moving to Ibiza. At age 21 he studied art, medieval and Renaissance architecture in Florence, before his visit to Morocco, where he was inspired by his research on traditional Islamic architecture, craft design and subsequently the origins of Ibizan architecture, his most extensive research work. Before arriving in Ibiza, the Canadian architect worked in theater and tv as an actor, operator and scenographer, he also made documentaries on wildlife in Africa and worked as a draftsman of archaeological monuments for the British government. After settling in Ibiza, he was to found Blakstad Design Consultants in 1967." (Rolph Blakstad. A Legacy for Ibizan Architecture)

Blakstad died at his home on Ibiza on April 2, 2012.

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