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Monroe Killy

Club Affiliation

Minneapolis Cine Club




Minnesota Historical Society list of titled amateur films
National Film Preservation Foundation Grant, 2000


Chippewa Handicraft (1939)

A’nicina’be: a Story of the Ojibway (1949)

Sugar Bush (1939)

Moccasin, The (1940)

Wild Rice Harvest (1940)



Biographical Notes:

"Monroe P. Killy was born on October 28, 1910, in Minneapolis, where he spent most of his life. He worked briefly as an electrician and then in 1936 was hired by the local Eastman Kodak store. During World War II, he was in the U.S. Army, but returned to his old job afterwards, staying there until 1972. He was a salesman for another photographic firm for a few years and then retired in 1977." Via Luminous-Lint.com

The Minnesota Historical Society received a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation in 2000 to preserve five of Killy's films (ca. 1935-1947) documenting Minnesota's Ojibwe people.

Bibliographic Resources:

"Photographer - Monroe P. Killy," Luminous-Lint.com.