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Keitarō Miyamoto

Club Affiliation

Rikkyō Baby Cinema Club




Issen jōki (1931)


Ethnographer and Visual Anthropologist

Biographical Notes:

"Among the individuals who were active in university cine clubs, one key figure in mediating between students, academics, and local amateur filmmakers was Miyamoto Keitarō (1911-1979) at Rikkyō University, who later became a renowned ethnographer and visual anthropologist. Miyamoto began 9.5mm filmmaking at the age of 17 or 18. While at Rikkyō, he not only became a core member of Rikkyō Baby Cinema Club that he helped to establish in October 1929, but he, as an amateur filmmaker, also published essays in various amateur film magazines as well as some local newspapers, including Patē shinema, Amachua eiga, Amachua mūbīsu, and Patē shine. Miyamoto developed strong interests in theories, and his essays occasionally touched on Western theories." - Noriko Morisue, "Filming the Everyday: History, Theory, and Aesthetics of Amateur Cinema in Interwar and Wartime Japan" (Yale University: PhD Dissertation, 2020): 82.