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Massimo Sani




PSA Ten Best 1955


Encounter on the River (1955)



Biographical Notes:

"Born in Ferrara, Italy in 1929, Sani has made over 50 films in his long and illustrious career, including the award-winning “Italia in Guerra” (“Italy at War”). He primarily makes films about important historical events and is celebrated as a documentary and narrative filmmaker in Italy. Sani is the vice president of the National Association of Film Directors, where he has served as an executive for over 20 years. He serves on the Executive Council of the European Federation of Audiovisual Directors and is the vice president of the International Association of Audiovisual Film Directors. Sani’s films have earned him global recognition and respect, as well as many prestigious awards. He has collected top prizes at the Boston Film Festival and at Cannes. He was awarded the Medaglia D’Oro (Gold Medal) by the president of the Italian Republic for his outstanding documentary work," Kate MacDonald, The Badger Herald, Madison, Wisconsin.

Bibliographic Resources:

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