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Portrait of Kaneko Yasuo.

Yasuo Kaneko

Club Affiliation

Mie Bebī Shinema Kurabu [Mie Baby Cinema Club]

Zen Nippon Patē Shine Kyōkai [All-Nippon Pathé Cine Association]




American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1934 - Honorable Mention
American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1935 - Honorable Mention


Fishing Village, A (1933)

Kōkyōgaku = Symphony Natural (1930)

Film Study 9 ½ (1935)

Rizumu 1932 nen [Rhythm 1932] (1932)

Rhapsody (1932)


kimono merchant

Biographical Notes:

"Born in 1907 in Tsu City as a son of a kimono store named Okadaya Gofukuten, Kaneko attended Osaka University of Commerce where he became active in small-gauge filmmaking. After graduating from the university in 1932, he eventually returned to Tsu City and took over the family business while continuing to pursue amateur photography and film production. According to Kaneko’s own hand-written memos preserved at the Tsu City Board of Education, he began filmmaking in 1927 with 9.5mm equipment, before he started to use 8mm technology in 1933 and 16mm in 1935. According to the memos, he made at least 23 films on 9.5mm, 11 films on 16mm, and 16 films on 8mm during the period between 1927 and 1940." - Noriko Morisue, "Filming the Everyday: History, Theory, and Aesthetics of Amateur Cinema in Interwar and Wartime Japan" (Yale University: PhD Dissertation, 2020): 102-3.

Bibliographic Resources:

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