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Jack Pashkovsky




PSA Ten Best 1958 - Honorable Mention
PSA Ten Best 1960 - Honorable Mention
PSA Ten Best 1962 - Honorable Mention
PSA Ten Best 1963 - Honorable Mention
PSA Ten Best 1966 - Honorable Mention


Rhythm of the Rails (1958)

Catnap (1960)

Manhattan Tower (1962)

Tempo (1963)

Patterns (1966)



Biographical Notes:

Jack (Yasha) Pashkovsky lived in North Hollywood, California but born in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the 1930s he worked for Twentieth Century Fox and went on to photograph many Hollywood stars and famous people from the 30s to the 50s (Avrich, 2004).

Bibliographic Resources:

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For an overview of Pashkovsky's work and life see: Avrich, B. "Shooting stars: Photographer Jack Pashkovsky Disarmed Hollywood's Royalty with his Ardor and Persistence." Smithsonian Magazine. Vol 34.10 (2004): 84-89.

Avrich created a 12 minute short of Pashkovsky entitled "The Man Who Shot Hollywood".

See a short piece from the Toronto Star "The Celebrity Photographer You’ve Never Heard of" on Pashkovsky, for press on the Avrich film which premiered at TIFF in 2015.