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Edward M. Crane




PSA Ten Best 1956
PSA Ten Best 1958
PSA Ten Best 1959
PSA Ten Best 1961 - Honorable Mention


Show of Hands, A

  • Date produced: 1958

Production Able

  • Date produced: 1959

Massachusetts Revisited

  • Date produced: 1961

What Your Camera Can Do

  • Date produced: 1956


Organic Chemist

Biographical Notes

Of Rochester, N.Y.
Crane is listed in a 1961 interview of those working for Eastman Kodak as an organic chemist working on computer print-out of structures. He also published articles as an Eastman Kodak researcher (see below).

Bibliographic Resources

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Survey of Chemical Notation Systems: A Report, National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Modern Methods of Handling Chemical Information, National Academies, 1964: 233.

As a researcher for Eastman Kodak he also published:
Crane, Edward M. "An Objective Method for Rating Picture Sharpness: SMT Acutance." Journal of the SMPTE 73.8 (1964): 643-647.
Crane, Edward M., and C. H. Evans. "Devices for Making Sensitometric Exposures on Embossed Kinescope Recording Film." Journal of the SMPTE 67.1 (1958): 13-16.