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Dorothy Burritt in Suite Two. (Digital frame grab from BC Archives V1989:05/001.01)

Dorothy Burritt

Dates active:


Club Affiliation

National Film Society of Canada (Vancouver Branch)




BC Archives list of titled amateur films
First Annual Canadian Film Awards, 1949 - Honourable Mention, Amateur Category


Suite Two: A Memo to Oscar (1947)

“and–” (1940)

Three There (1940)

Biographical Notes:

"Oscar C. Burritt and Dorothy Burritt (nee Fowler) were film enthusiasts and amateur filmmakers who lived in Vancouver until 1947. Oscar C. Burritt also worked as a professional cinematographer and film director. In later years he worked for CBC television in Toronto. Both the Burritts were active in the film society movement, including the Vancouver Branch of the National Film Society (later the Vancouver Film Society) and the Toronto Film Society. Dorothy Burritt was a founder of the Canadian Federation of Film Societies." British Columbia Archives.

Bibliographic Resources:

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