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Derek A. Davy




PSA N.C.C. of M.C. Trophy 1961
PSA Ten Best 1961
PSA George Cushman Sound Trophy 1963
PSA Ten Best 1963 - Honorable Mention
Fifteenth Annual Canadian Film Awards, 1963 - Certificate of Merit, Amateur Category Sixteenth Annual Canadian Film Awards, 1964 - Certificate of Merit, Amateur Category


Perspective (1963)

Poison (1961)

Biographical Notes:

From Rexdale, Ontario (1961). October's issue of PSA Journal 1963 states that he is from Etobicoke, Ontario. Both Rexdale and Etobicoke are now part of Toronto, Ontario.

Bibliographic Resources:

PSA Journal, Oct. 1961, 47. PSA Journal, Oct. 1963, 39, 41-42.