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Bartlett pictured in Movie Makers, June 1952, 142.

Alfred T. Bartlett

Club Affiliation

Amateur Cinema League

Australian Amateur Cine Society

Queensland Amateur Cine Society




ACL Ten Best 1952
ACL Ten Best 1953


Give Us This Day

  • Date produced: 1950

Enchanted Isles, The

  • Date produced: 1953

Biographical Notes

From Brisbane, Australia. Also referred to as "A. T. Bartlett" and "Alf Bartlett".
President of the Queensland Amateur Cine Society in the 1950s, and founder of the Federation of Australian Amateur Cine Societies.

Bartlett's films are held by the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia.

Bibliographic Resources

See a brief biography of Bartlett in Movie Makers, July 1953, 180, 189.
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