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Youngstown Cinema Club

Year Founded:



Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Film Formats:


Associated Filmmakers/People:

Clyde Hammond


"TWENTY amateurs in Youngstown, Ohio, have formed the Youngstown Cinema Club. The first activity of the new organization will be the production of "Disappointment," a subtle story film that will run about 400 ft. 16 mm. The plot, developing a single emotional theme, frustration, will be told in film without the use of subtitles. A moving camera, dissolves and other cinematic devices will be used. Clyde Hammond who produced "The Dragon Fly," winning an honorable mention in Photoplay Magazine s first amateur movie contest, has been elected president of the Youngstown club and will direct "Disappointment." The other officers of the club are Alexander Reeves, secretary, and Ralph Pincus, treasurer." (Gale 716)

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