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Wimbledon Amateur Cine Club

Year Founded:



London, UK

Film Formats:

8mm, 16mm

Associated Filmmakers/People:

J. Nunn

G.H.B. Marks


"As the winner of a silver cup given by G. W. Burnett, the film, Wimbledon Common, stands out as one of the leading productions of the Wimbledon Amateur Cine Club, states a late report from H. C. Bealby, publicity manager. The picture was made by C. W. Watkins, present secretary. Other Wimbledon films recently completed are: Nemesis, a 300 foot picture with a jungle theme, directed by R. Harrington Moore, with a cast which included Nancy Bealby, Betty Gregory, Mrs. E. Burnett, G. W. Burnett and Mrs. Bealby; The Man From London, an 800 foot film directed by J. Nunn and photographed by Mr. Watkins." (Moore 69)

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Associated Films:

Man From London, The


Sentimental Tragedy, The


Back From Beyond