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Tsumanami Patē Shine Kurabu [Tsumanami Pathé Cine Club]

Year Founded:



Hokuei, Japan

Film Formats:



"Tsumanami Patē Shine Kurabu (Tsumanami Pathé Cine Club) in Tottori Prefecture screened a film capturing the scenes of young men leaving their hometowns to join the war in October 1937 as a part of the Film Patriotism Project, with additional backings by local youth associations (seinendan and sōnendan). Made by one of the Tsumanami club members, the film, Shuku shussei (Celebrating Going to War), was screened to 2,000 people who gathered in the auditorium of a local elementary school." - Noriko Morisue, "Filming the Everyday: History, Theory, and Aesthetics of Amateur Cinema in Interwar and Wartime Japan" (Yale University: PhD Dissertation, 2020): 200.