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Toronto Amateur Cinema Club

Alternate Name:

Amateur Cinema Club of Toronto

Year Founded:



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Film Formats:

9.5mm, 16mm


"Photoplay production, technical programs and the screening of 16mm. movies for hospitals and other institutions are planned by the newly organized Toronto Amateur Cinema Club of Toronto. Canada. A committee is now working on the scenario for the first production. At the last meeting The Dream of Eugene Aram, prize winner in Photoplav's first amateur movie contest, was screened. N. L. Martin has been selected president; H. G. McKinley, secretary-treasurer and with these two, Kenneth Hamilton, J. G. Rutherford and Adam Bell make up the executive committee. Other officers will be chosen as the need arises. The new club has the cooperation of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, the Toronto Camera Club, the director of the Hart House theatre, and man other professional groups."Gale, Arthur L. "Amateur Clubs," Movie Makers 5, no. 1 (1930): 28:29, 61:63.

Gave screenings at all of the hospitals of Toronto for the veterans of the WWI. (Gale 97, 116)

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Frequent references thereafter.

Associated Films:

Barriers [aka] The Triangle