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Cine Court Players, The

Year Founded:



Brooklyn, NY, USA

Film Formats:



The founded date is the earliest mention.

"PRODUCTION of "Mushrooms", the 16 mm. comedy drama of the Cine Court Players in Brooklyn, N. Y., has been completed. An attempt was made to take scenes on location at an old abandoned mine that is featured in the plot, but, owing to the poor ventilation of the mine, the smoke from the flares used caused dark and foggy pictures, so the club was forced to construct a set representing the mine. However, with the more satisfactory lighting conditions some unique spot lighting effects were introduced. "The entire experience," writes C. A. Kelting, cameraman, "has afforded the members opportunity to study set-ups, lighting and other production details." The premiere of "Mushrooms" was held in Brooklyn, N. Y., November 21 and 22." (Gale 821)


Gale, Arthur L. "Amateur Clubs," Movie Makers 3, no. 12 (1928): 780:781, 819:821