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Quinta Feira, A [The Thursday] (Miguel Ángel Quintana, 1974)

Documental sobre un mercado en Barcelos, un pueblo del norte de Portugal, que se celebra todos los jueves del año. En él, se pueden encontrar hasta las cosas más inverosímiles.

Documentary about a market in Barcelos, a northern town in Portugal, that happens every Thursday of the year. In the market, even the most improbable things can be found.

Watch: Via Miguel Ángel Quintana's Vimeo Channel

Race for Ties, A (Dorothea Mitchell, 1929)

"A Race for Ties" tells the story of a sawmill owner, Joe Atwood, and his race against a large timber company, headed by U. Cheetem, to sign an exclusive contract for railway ties. In addition to a plot driven by one of the region’s staple industries (the lumber industry), the film highlights the scenic nature of the region" - Michel S Beaulieu, Women Film Pioneers Project.

Watch: Streamable on Vimeo via Shebafilms

Rainbow Trail (O. L. Tapp, 1948)

"It takes a good deal of ability to treat fishing cinematically. It takes still more ability to approach the subject with humor and yet avoid the ludicrous. O. L. Tapp has bypassed both pitfalls in his Rainbow Trail, a beautifully paced, short film that catches the fun of all fishing trips but still makes its point that the angler's life is not all sweetness and light. Mr. Tapp precedes the body of his film with several short shots and titles, all of which indicate a candid view of a fisherman's veracity. The succeeding footage illustrates his thesis, as he (thin, awkward) and a companion (stout, capable) undergo the rigors of stream fishing. That a reviewer can sum up the characteristics of the two men in two adjectives is an indication of the excellent casting and direction which distinguish Rainbow Trail." Movie Makers, Dec. 1948, 491.

Watch: via the University of Utah

Ratamata (Jeff Kreines, 1971)

"RATAMATA is a portrait of the diverse opinions of Chicagoans (ranging from high school students to habitual mayoral candidate Lars Daly) as they reflect on the general state of affairs in America, the war in Vietnam, social and racial conflict, freedom and personal liberty, happiness, and social justice." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Ray Coon’s Busy Day (Arthur H. Smith , 1941)

"An amateur film about a raccoon." Center for Home Movies.

Watch: via Archive.org

Reportaje Grafico Nacional (Alvaro Chavarria Nunez, 1950)

"Reportaje Grafico Nacional: Alvaro Chavarria Nunez, who aspires to producing newsreels in his native Costa Rica, presents in this entry a typical effort. The picture is a newsreel of several national events held in this country, and while it displays aggresive camera work, the film result, a dupe print, suffers a great deal because of inferior laboratory work, and therefore the true quality of the photography could not be properly evaluated. Nunez recorded the sound track, using his Auricon film recorder." American Cinematographer, May. 1951, 192.

Watch: Reportaje Grafico Nacional on Vimeo via Centro de Cine

Rice (Fred C. Ells, 1932)

"Documentary: On peasant farm life in Korea, the rice crop and family labor." National Archives.

"'Rice,' a three reel subject in the educational class entered by F. C. Ells of Yokohama, Japan, demonstrated a fine appreciation of production and photographic values as well as how to combine it so as to make entertainment. Many were of the opinion that this picture, if it were in 35mm, would be worthy of professional theatre presentation." American Cinematographer, Dec. 1933, 321.

Watch: Rice via University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries

Ride ‘Em Cowboy! (Edwin Mayer, 1929)

"Produced by Edwin S. Mayer, this 1929 amateur film documents life and work on the T-Half Circle Ranch near Sonora. Ranch hands first herd cattle for branding and de-horning. Then, they turn to working the sheep, sorting them into separate classes before shearing wool. Later, the ranch hands battle a prairie fire on the property. In addition to outlining ranch operations, Mayer also introduces his family and colleagues. At the conclusion, Edwin and his wife Minnie join another couple to explore Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico. The cave is now the primary attraction of Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Please note, this film contains a racist joke regarding African Americans. The Texas Archive of the Moving Image does not condone this language, but presents the film as it was originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as to claim this discrimination never existed" Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

Watch: via Texas Archive of the Moving Image

Rincón de paz, Un [A corner of peace] (Miguel Ángel Quintana, 1969)

Documental sobre la Semana Santa en una ciudad de Castilla, donde la paz contrasta con la violencia de otras partes del mundo.

Documentary about the Holy Week in a city of Castilla, where peace contrasts with the violence lived in other parts of the world.

Watch: Via Miguel Ángel Quintana's Vimeo Channel

Rise and Fall of Susan Lennox, The (Sidney Shurcliff , 1930)

"A fender-bender drama calling for driving the cars up and down crashing into each other and trying to force each other off the road." oldfilm.org

Watch: via Northeast Historic Film

River: An Allegory (William M. Harlow, 1962)

"This film takes the viewer through the formation and life of a river. From raindrops to rapids, this film shows freshwater and how it moves through our environment," via SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Watch: River: an Allegory via SUNY ESF

San Francisco (Tullio Pellegrini, 1955)

San Francisco "...is a 16mm Filmorama travelogue of San Francisco in 1955 that employs a conventional structure and makes emphatic use of the widescreen equipment. The film’s use of traveling car shots, or updated phantom rides, heightens our sense of being in motion, much like early Cinerama films. This is no rough home movie; it is a very polished travelogue and was shown before an audience of five hundred amateurs at a Bay Area amateur screening the year it was produced" Tepperman, 125.

Watch: via Archive.org

Santa’s Village (Arthur H. Smith , 1964)

"A tour of the California theme park." Center for Home Movies.

Watch: via Archive.org

Scandinavian Summer - Sweden and Norway (Robbins Barstow , 1982)

"In the summer of [1982], Robbins Barstow and his wife Meg, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA, went on a two-week tour of scenic Sweden and spectacular Norway. Join them in viewing beautiful sights and fascinating sites, all in dramatic color." Archive.org

Watch: via A/V Geeks (Archive.org)

Sculpture of Ron Boise, The (Leland Auslender, 1968)

"Materials of Ron Boise's art are found in the wrecking yard. Welding, burning, beating on the discarded metal, the artist works from a life model. He seeks not so much to represent the human form as to express it through his "junk" medium. Music is provided by Dr. Fred Katz, Professor of Anthropology at CSUF." Via WorldCat

Watch: Excerpt of the Sculpture of Ron Boise from Leland Auslender

Sea, The (Hiram Percy Maxim, 1928)

"Third prize in the non-dramatic division was given to Hiram Percy Maxim, of 276 North Whitley Street, Hartford, Conn., for his beautiful scenic, "The Sea." Mr. Maxim submitted four 16 millimeter films in the contest and another of these, "Summer," was awarded an honorable mention. Mr. Maxim is the pioneer president of the Amateur Cinema League and a national leader in amateur cinematography." Photoplay, Nov. 1929, 86

Watch: Via Northeast Historic Film

Seattle Here and There (Iwao Matsushita, 1933)

"This rare footage of Seattle and environs in the 1930s was shot by amateur filmmaker Iwao Matsushita. See downtown streets and sidewalks, Lincoln Park, Seward Park, Volunteer Park, a UW football game, rambunctious kitties and other surprises from more than 60 years ago." Seattle Channel.

Watch: via Seattle Channel

Seeing Southern California (Cloyd E. Louis, 1934)

"Footage of various places in Southern California and Mexico." Archive.org

Watch: via California Light and Sound (Archive.org)

Semáforo, El [The Traffic Light] (Miguel Ángel Quintana, 1970)

Filme experimental en el que sobre una imagen fija de un semáforo, el sonido es el principal protagonista.

Experimental film in which sound is the main protagonist over a fix image of a traffic light.

Watch: Via Miguel Ángel Quintana's Vimeo Channel

Separate Vacations (, 1949)

A group of families takes separate vacations – the husbands go fishing, while the wives and children choose to hold a picnic. Both vacationing groups encounter obstacles that disrupt their plans.

Watch: via the G.R.A.M.C. Film Library

Sexual Product, A (Bea McKinney, 1972)

"Produced by Bea McKinney, “A Sexual Product” is a short amateur film featuring stop-motion animation. McKinney, who taught filmmaking at King High School in Corpus Christi, made the film while studying at the Center for Understanding Media in New York in July 1972" Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

Watch: via Texas Archive of the Moving Image

She Goes to Vassar (Marvin Breckinridge , 1931)

"She Goes to Vassar is a one-reel film that provides an overview of college life from the perspective of a new freshman student. From her arrival on campus, to settling into her new dorm and meeting her professors and classmates, the film depicts many facets of the college experience. Perhaps most striking about the film from today’s perspective are the shots of the academic environment, as the young women attend lectures and labs instructed by their professors, many of whom are also women. Though it was ultimately used primarily as a fundraising tool by the college’s alumni association, the film nevertheless provides a valuable glimpse of this women’s college through the eyes of a recent graduate." Women Film Pioneers Project

Watch: Via YouTube

Shifting Whispering Sands (O. L. Tapp, 1957)

"O.L. Tapp has coupled opportunity and imagination in putting motion pictures to the recording "Shifting Whispering Sands." Finding the right kind of material to photograph must have entailed a great deal of planning and searching. Every scene is a work of art. As one watches the scenes unfold to the music and song he feels compelled to sit in contemplation of the lonesomeness of the great desert." PSA Journal, Nov. 1957, 33.

Watch: via the University of Utah

Short Spell (Stuart Wynn-Jones, 1957)

"A two minute black and white cartoon built around the animated spelling of short words which are quickly converted into the subject of the spelling. There is an effective sound impulse with the rapidly changing characters. Stewart Wynn-Jones has done a short bit of clever cine-cartooning" PSA Journal, Nov. 1957, 33.

Watch: upload of Short Spell on YouTube

Watch: upload of Short Spell with sound via EAFA

Sightseer, The (Karl Spreitz, 1974)

"A mechanical toy from 1880 walks through a landscape created by Michael Morris" Karl Spreitz and Collaborators Archival Film Collection.

Watch: via Karl Spreitz and Collaborators Archival Film Collection, with remixed sound

Signs of the Times (Arthur H. Smith )

Short film showing shots of various neon signs at nighttime.

Watch: via Archive.org

Skating (Arthur H. Smith , 1964)

"Consists of footage of Blanche Smith rollerskating." Center for Home Movies.

Watch: via Archive.org

Sky-Land Trails of the Kings (David Brower, 1940)

Subtitled: a story of happy days in Kings Canyon National Park.

Watch: via the Sierra Club (Archive.org)

Skyscraper Symphony (Robert Florey, 1929)

“The hard-edged graphics of 'Skyscraper Symphony' stand in contrast to other New York 'scenics' produced during the 1920s. Composed of skewed perspectives, Robert Florey’s camera looks straight up the domineering concrete behemoths. And it is hard to determine if the film mimics symphonic form as the title suggests or whether it advances a new methodology in musical-visual shot progression that reflects the alien structures depicted.” —Bruce Posner via Light Cone

Watch: Video link via Critical Commons

Slow Drying (, 1960)

"A comedic film made by Chicago amateur film club Central Cinematographers about a man who paints himself into a corner." via Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

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